Job offer

The Department of Plant Sciences is seeking to recruit two Postdoctoral Research Associates for 24 months each. These posts are financially supported by the ERC Consolidator grant SynOxyS held by Dr Francesco Licausi. The work is to be conducted in his lab in the Department of Plant Sciences, University of Oxford, South Parks Road, Oxford, OX1 3RB. The research topic is ‘Engineering oxygen sensing mechanisms to direct developmental trajectories in plants’.

Information about the group and details of the two posts can be found at lab website

INTER-COST project

The INTER-COST project "Insight into the transcriptional regulation of the crosstalk between plant hormones and the stress response in fruits" has been successfully accepted and will substantially contribute to the RoxyCOSTproject for the next 3,5 years! This project belongs to Working Group 2 (WG2). “Deciphering the mechanisms of low oxygen sensing in fruit crops”. The aim is to establish a hairy root culture to help with the functional analysis of the candidate genes.


Investigator : Hélène Robert Boisivon (helene.robert.boisivon @

Virtual meeting and ITC conference grant

We have been made aware by COST Association that the virtual conference fees for ITC conference grants meetings can be considered eligible, if the other eligible criteria are fulfilled. 

So please do not hesitate to apply even for those if you wish to attend any virtual conference with registration fees.


Visit ITC conference grant page for more information.

RoxyCOST Action

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