Open Call for STSMs linked to the RoxyCOST CA18210

Short-Term Scientific Missions (STSMs) allow scientists to learn from an institution or laboratory in another COST country - a concept of particular interest to young scientists (PhD students, Post-docs).
These Missions aim at strengthening the COST Action by allowing scientists to go to an institution or laboratory in another COST country to foster collaboration, to learn a new technique or to take measurements using instruments and/or methods not available in their own institution/laboratory.
Researchers across Europe are working together taking advantage of this instrument to show impressive results in a short period of time.
The Management Committee and the STSM coordinator of CA18210 - RoxyCOST strongly encourageyou to apply and benefit from such an experience!
All Action participants are invited to apply, and early career investigators (ECIs - less than PhD + 8  years) from the current member states of this COST Action are particularly encouraged to take part.
The application must be performed online.
For guidelines on the STSM application process, please consult the PDF guide.


The projects must be in line with the objectives, tasks and work plan of RoxyCOST/ CA18210. In particular, projects related to fruit physiology, conducted towards providing new targets to control fruit sensory and nutritional qualities and post-harvest shelf life are welcome. The projects should implement advanced methodologies and concepts with the aim to understand how ethylene, low oxygen, NO and ROS signals are integrated to impact the ripening and over-ripening processes of fruit. Special considerations will be made regarding the participation of researchers from Inclusiveness Target Countries.

Kind regards,
Danijela Mišić (STSM coordinator of CA18210) (dmisic @

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