WG2 - Deciphering the mechanisms of low oxygen sensing in fruit crops

This WG would implement ChIP experiments to identify target genes of TFs in tomato and apple fruit. Identification of target genes involved in low O2 sensing and fruit ripening in- and ex-planta during storage require high/mid throughput facilities for phenotyping fruit quality traits. This WG will be in charge of identifying and organising platforms dedicated to high throughput fruit phenotyping based on nondestructive methodologies. These methods will allow monitoring fruit growth, shape, size, color, sugar/organic acid content, texture and hypoxia sensing. Genotyping is an important issue to establish gene to trait association. Access to high throughput genotyping facilities and training in the associated methodologies will be coordinated within this task.


WG Leader : Dr Helene Robert Boisivon, helene.robert.boisivon@ceitec.muni.cz

RoxyCOST Action

Science Communication Manager

Julien Pirrello


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31320 Auzeville Tolosan

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