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Name of the lab : KU Leuven Postharvest Group

Expertise : controlled atmosphere storage, gas transport modelling, X-ray (micro) CT, modelling, fluxomics, aroma analysis

Research interest : physiology of fruit in hypoxic conditions, multiscale metabolic gas transport in fruit, metabolic pathway models, biological oxygen sensors, regulation of respiration metabolism

Lab website :

Contact (bart.nicolai @


Name of the lab: PlantStressLab, Dept Agricultural, Forest, and Food Sciences, University of Turin, Italy

Expertise: strigolactones, abiotic stress, miRNAs, flowering, tomato

Research interest: Our focus is undressing the role of strigolactones in development and drought responses in plants. We use tomato as model system and we investigate molecular and physiological processes regulated by these hormones.

Lab website

Contact: andrea.schubert @


Laboratory: Biotechnical faculty, Food technology, Chair of plant food technologies and wine 

Expertise: Postharvest fruit and vegetable physiology,  

Research interest: Storage technologies, ethylene, shelf-life, postharvest treatments, metabolomics, pigments, aroma volatiles 

Lab website 

Contact rajko.vidrih @; emil.zlatic @ 


Laboratory: Plant Genomics and Biotechnology
Expertise: Fruit quality, metabolomics, flavour composition, genetic diversity, gene assembly and editing
Research interest: Understanding genetics and environmental effects on fruit quality
Lab website: ;


Laboratory: Postharvest Pyhsiology 

Expertise: Fruit quality, storage, antioxidants, shelf-life 

Research interest: Hypoxia, ULO, CA, DCA

Lab website

Contacterkan @


Laboratory: The Laboratory of Physiology of Fruit Plants and Fruit Maturation

Expertise: Plant Physiology and Biochemistry, Fruit Storage, Anatomy and Cytology of Fruits 

Research interest: Research of productivity of different fruit species on optimizing the process of formation and maturation of fruits intended for long-term storage; Elucidation of the influence of the degree of maturation, biochemical composition and anatomo-structural peculiarities of the fruits of apple, pear and plum on their resistance to fungal diseases during the post-harvest period.

Lab website

Contact ( @


Laboratory: Postharvest research innovation centre, MIGAL. 

Expertise: Postharvest physiology of fruit, ripening biology, storage protocols development, postharvest pathology.

Research interest: Molecular research of fruit climacteric ripening, development of  storage protocols for various fruit (apples, pears, avocado, pomegranate, etc), development of new methods to prevent postharvest decay.          

Lab website:

Contact: dang @


Name of the lab: Biotechnology Lab

Expertise: Molecular Biology, Metabolic Engineering, Metabolomics, Metagenomics, Bionformatics

Research interest: Metabolic engineering of phenylpropanoids and apocarotenoids; Microbiome-based improvement of crop quality; Genetic engineering reduction of antinutritional attributes; 

Lab website

Contact: gianfranco.diretto @


Name of the lab: Functional Nanomaterials Lab, Department of Food Engineering, Mersin University

Expertise: Extrusion technology, Electrohydrodynamic processing, Food packaging

Research interest: Processing of food materials into value-added products, nanoencapsulation, electrospinning, electrospraying, active and smart packaging

Lab website:

Contact: aaltan @


Name of the lab: Department of Microstructure and Mechanics of Biomaterials, Institute of Agrophysics, Polish Academy of Sciences, Lublin, Poland

Expertise: microscopy CLSM, TEM, immunocytochemistry, molecular biology

Research interest: distribution of polysaccharides and arabinogalactan proteins in fruit; structural biology; cell wall architecture

Lab website:

Contact: a.leszczuk @


Name of the lab: BioScope, Faculty of physical chemistry, University of Belgrade
Expertise: EPR detection of free radicals, EPR imaging, EPR in vivo/ex vivo/in vitro
Research interest: Biophysical chemistry, antioxidative activity, ROS pathways in plant systems
Lab website:
Contact: milos @


Name of the lab: Laboratory for soil hypoxia and N and P cycles

Expertise: Soil hypoxia, soil N cycle 

Research interest: Effect of soil hypoxia and hyperoxia on N cycle and plant growth         

Lab website:  

Contact: shaharb @ 


Name of the lab: Biotechnology of Pharmaceutical plants

Expertise: biotechnology pf plants and especially on fruit ripening, hypoxia/anoxia of fruit, ascorbate metabolism, terpenoid and phenypropropanoid biosynthesis, arginine biosynthesis

Research interest:

  1. the understanding and regulation of ascorbic acid biosynthesis and oxidation in fruit and vegetables and their genetic manipulation in transgenic tomato and melon plants and fruit;
  2. the biochemical and molecular mechanisms by which low oxygen suppresses fruit ripening by isolating and characterizing a number of genes participating in low oxygen action on tomato and citrus ripening fruit;
  3. the exploration of the biosynthetic route of labdane-diterpenes and phenolic diterpenes in pharmaceutical plants and their genetic manipulation in model plants and
  4. the understanding and manipulation of arginine biosynthesis in tomato plants and fruit.

Lab website:

Contact: kanellis @


Name of the lab: Post-harvest laboratory; Institute of Food Preservation and Quality, Plovdiv; Agricultural Academy, Bulgaria

Expertise: edible coating for fresh-cut fruits and vegetables, non-destructive and destructive quality control of fruits and vegetables, texture analysis of food-staff, sensory analysis of food-staff, gluten-free products

Research interest: Application of novel edible coatings for extension of shelf-life time of minimal processed fruits and vegetables. Improving of quality and safety of minimal processed fruits and vegetables. Development of gluten-free bakery products.

Lab website:

Contact: g.zsivanovits @; office @


Name of the lab: Food Colour and Quality Lab, Universidad de Sevilla (Spain)

Expertise: Food quality, carotenoids in agro-food and health

Research interest: Sustainable health-promoting tomato-based products

Lab website: 

Contact: ajmelendez @ 


Name of the lab: Department of Plant Physiology, Institute for Biological Research “Siniša Stanković”- National Institute of the Republic of Serbia, University of Belgrade

Expertise: metabolomics, transcritpomics, proteomics, metabolic engineering, plant physiology, plant-biotic interactions

Research interest: specialized metabolism, hypoxia, ROS, antioxidant system in fruits during flooding and drought, biodiversity

Lab website:

Contact: dmisic @


Name of the lab: Plant and Cell Molecular Biology / Laboratory of Abiotic Stress Response

Expertise: Molecular biology, plant physiology, biochemistry  

Research interest: Regulation of transcription, pre-mRNA splicing and protein homeostasis under stress conditions (mainly heat stress, but others as well)

Lab website

Contactfragkost @


Name of the lab: Laboratory for Pomology and Biotechnology

Expertise: Fruit Quality, Storage of fruit, Post Harvest Technology

Research interest: Storage technologies, Shelf-life, Packaging technologies

Lab website

Contactsanda.stanivukovic @


Name of the lab: Nofima AS, Packaging pilot plant and lab

Expertise: Packaging technology, interaction food and packaging, storage and food quality

Research interest: MAP and storage technologies, ethylene, shelf-life, packaging technologies

Lab website:

Contact: hanne.larsen @


Name of the lab: Pomology & Postharvest Group, Cyprus University of Technology

Expertise: fruit physiology, postharvest physiology, postharvest technology, horticulture, viticulture

Research interest: chilling related disorders

Lab website:  

Contact:  george.manganaris @


Name of the lab: PlantLab, Institute of Life Sciences, Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies

Expertise: Molecular biology; Plant Physiology

Research interest: Hypoxia, adaptation of plants to hypoxia; oxygen sensing

Lab website:

Contact: p.perata @


Name of the lab: Laboratory for Encapsulation, Department of Chemistry,
Faculty of Agriculture University of Zagreb
Expertise: encapsulation, microparticles, microspheres, microcapsules, plant nutrition, plant protection
Research interest: Our research interests are in the area of bioactive components encapsulation for plant protection/nutrition into formulations with the time-release mechanisms. With this approach, it is possible to decrease the usage of  agrochemicals and to produce functional food.
Lab website:
Contact: mvincekovic @


Name of the lab: Fruit Functional Genomics and Biotechnology

Expertise: Transcriptomics, Grape, tomato, Crispr-Cas9, fruit defense, fruit ripening

 Research interest: Molecular, physiological, and biochemical mechanisms of fruit ripening and fruit response to abiotic and biotic stresse

Lab website

Contact: amfortes @


Name of the lab/faculty: Biotechnical Faculty, University of Montenegro

Expertise: Research scientific work, higher education, and professional services in all sectors of agriculture

Research interest: Plant science

Lab website:

 Contact: ana.velimirovic @ 


Name of the lab: Molecular Plant Hormone Physiology

Expertise: ethylene, abiotic stress, hypoxia, physiolog

Research interest: my lab conducts fundamental research on plant hormones, and more specifically ethylene. We study the regulation of the ethylene biosynthesis and signaling pathway using a combination of molecular and physiological techniques. We also study the role of ethylene in abiotic stress responses. We mainly study tomato and Arabidopsis.

Lab website:

Contact: bram.vandepoel @


Name of the lab: Laboratory for Plant Molecular Biology; Institute of Molecular Genetics and Genetic Engineering; University of Belgrade; Department of Life Sciences, Institute for Multidisciplinary Research, University of Belgrade

 Expertise: Proteomics; Metabolomics (phenolics: phenylpropanoids, flavonoids, and anthocyanins; amino acids, organic acids, ascorbate and glutathione redox state, carotenoids), Chlorophyll fluorescence parameters; EPR spectroscopy; Measuring activity and abundance of antioxidative enzymes; MALDI MS imaging; Transcriptomics; qPCR; Oxy-blot; Recombinant protein production.

Research interest: Abiotic stress in plants (high light intensity, heavy metals, UV-B radiation, drought), Responses to (repeated) drought and UV- radiation in tomato leaves and fruits; Antioxidants and pro-oxidants (ROS) status and redox regulation; Carbon and nitrogen allocation from source to sink tissue; Role of intrinsically disordered proteins in desiccation tolerance; Cell-cell communication between plants and growth-promoting bacteria.

Lab website: 1.; 2.

Contact: mvidovic @


Name of the lab : Laboratory for Atomic Collision Processes
Expertise: electron atom collision processes, laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS), laser induced fluorescence (LIF), optical materials, luminescent materials
Research interest: Our research ranges from elementary processes in atomic systems to luminescence properties of nanoscale materials; from simple atoms to biomolecules with applications for medicine, radiation damage and environmental science.
Lab website:
Contact: majap @


Name of the lab: IHSM-Metabolomics lab.

Expertise: Plant metabolomics, molecular biology, Climateric and no-climateric fruits, Fruit development, Fruit ripening, Fruit postharvest.

Research interest: Our research group is focused on molecular plant biology related to fruit development, fruit ripening and fruit postpostharvestharvest. Also, our research focuses on understanding the genetics underpinning metabolic regulation with respect to source-sink interaction. We are working with a wide range of “System biology” approaches, including high throughput- Omics, use of bioinformatics tools and mathematical models in order to develop, testing and applying novel-constraint models that predicts the capacity of the metabolic networks of different plant tissues.

Lab Website

Contact: Dr. Sonia Osorio (sosorio @ and Dr. José Vallarino (vallarino @



Name of the lab: Applied Molecular Genomics-BioISI plant functional group , UTAD

Expertise: Genomic, Transcriptomic, Biosensors, Authenticity.

Research interest: biotic and abiotic stress, food authenticity, biosensing

Contact: plopes @

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