WG5 - Applications and developments in postharvest

The various outcomes and deliverables by the other WGs will be communicated to the EU Dynamic Controlled Atmosphere (DCA) and CA/MAP industries through workshops in the pertinent conferences such as the CA/MAP Conference, the Postharvest Unlimited Conference and the International Postharvest Conference which are under the Aegis of ISHS (International Society for Horticultural Science). It is critical for this COST Action to involve and interact creatively with this industry considering that postharvest losses account for the 30% of the total food losses around the world. Particularly the DCA technology can provide a comparative advantage for EU in terms of postharvest quality preservation. Protocols based on the application of low oxygen levels are used widely for storage of pome fruits such as apples and pears (Controlled Atmosphere, CA) and tomatoes (Modified Atmosphere, MA). Optimization of these protocols, improved logistical management, introduction of innovative and sustainable packaging materials, reduction of wastes and losses need to be based on elucidation of the responses of fruit to hypoxic conditions over prolonged periods of time (> 6-9 months).


WG Leader : Ms Ulvi Moor, ulvi.moor@emu.ee

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Julien Pirrello


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