Roxy cost working groups

The goal of this Action represents part of the effort to propose new responses to the challenge of food security. The specific contribution of RoxyCOST is to identify and decipher the mode of action of factors controlling fruit ripening and over-ripening and to define their effects during post-harvest.

WG1 will provide informatics tools allowing storage and analysis of data generated during the COST Action. WG2 identifies the main factors involved in sensing low oxygen and the generation of molecular tools for the other WGs. Using these tools, WG3 will decipher the role of ROS and NO during hypoxia stress, during ripening and over-ripening and during the storage of fruit in CA. WG4 will focus on the development and integration of data generated in previous WGs to produce a consistent model of fruit ripening in different contexts. WG5 will transfer knowledge from other WGs to new field applications.

RoxyCOST Action

Science Communication Manager

Julien Pirrello


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