WG1 - Data magement and dissemination

The overall objective is to give biological meaning to the data obtained in other WGs. Some existing websites contain information concerning transcriptomic data mining in tomato during ripening (http://gbf.toulouse.inra.fr/tomexpress). They will enable comparative mapping to identify similarities and differences between species and major candidate genes underlying QTLs, to conduct genome comparisons to view comparative genetic maps and to identify synteny between tomato and apple genomes. In addition, this WG will coordinate the set up of friendly interfaces for users to access all databases (transcriptomics, metabolomics, genotyping and phetotyping databases). Significant dissemination efforts will be conducted comprising training of young scientists through STSM and specific workshops and practicals sessions.


WG Leader : Dr Mohamed Zouine, mohamed.zouine@toulouse-inp.fr

RoxyCOST Action

Science Communication Manager

Julien Pirrello


Avenue de l'Agrobiopole

31320 Auzeville Tolosan

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